What is EDX Testing and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging?

EDX Testing is a unique, professionally managed service that allows the physician to perform electrodiagnostic testing in the office.

Dr. Michael Butler, Chiropractor
He flies to you to do
in-office testing for your patients!

EDX Testing has significant value, offering the ability to look at certain medical conditions from a point of view completely different from that of other tests.

EDX Testing can therefore discover and pinpoint problems that are invisible to other examinations the physician would perform. This is critical to diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disease, causes of pain, tingling and numbness, and the ability to study nerve and muscle function.

Here's an example of an actual case:
Dr. DB sees a new patient who was in a car accident and he has pain in his arm and hand. She tells him the whiplash hurt his neck and he is suffering from neck injury and treats his neck. Big mistake. She refers the patient for nerve testing later in the month, because he is not getting better with his arm and hand pain. The testing reveals the arm pain is directly related to the whiplash – but it is due to a carpal tunnel injury due to impact with the steering wheel. The new diagnosis leads to more accurate focus of where to address therapy and where to adjust properly.